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Information on the village of Ednam, near Kelso in Scotland.

Articles about Ednam

Ednam Village 1905

Ministers Of Ednam Parish Church
Ministers of Ednam from 1599 to the present day.......

Ednam Communion Token
In the modern day, the printed 'Communion Card' has superseded the Communion Token, and even that is now almost a thing of the past.......

Ednam War Memorial
In memory of those who lost their lives.......

Ednam Brewery
From the earliest times there was brewing in Ednam. It is believed that the vaults of the brewery were second oldest in age only to Kelso Abbey.......

Henry Francis Lyte
Born in Ednam West Mains on 1st June 1793, the son of Captain Thomas Lyte, a soldier who not being required to be at war had rented the West Mains, which was then known as 'The Cottage'.......

St Leonard's Hospital
The first mention of a hospital at Ednam comes in the reign of William the Lion when an exchange of land is recorded. .......

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